In-person counseling

In case you have problems with the appearance of your nose or have difficulty breathing through the nose, you will need to consult a rhinoplasty surgeon. Please feel free contacting us for counseling services and arranging an appointment on 9821-88321345, 9821-88321346 and 09353335033. Office address: No. 5, first floor, block 270 (Shokufeh), Motahari St., between Jam St. and Modarres St. Tehran, Iran. Visits are arranged on Saturdays, Mondays and Tuesdays, 4 to 7 PM. The counseling session is free of charge.

Preoperative counseling (Nasal surgery)

In the counseling day, the doctor will ask you about the respiratory history ranging from nasal trauma to diseases related the nose and sinuses. Moreover, you will provide us with detailed information about your medical history, including any physical or mental diseases, previous surgery and type of anesthesia, history of seasonal, drug and food allergies and medicines you are taking. If there is a specific disease involved, you may need to consult a related specialist in order to determine that whether nose surgery and anesthesia will be safe.

Objectives of nasal examination

A nasal examination serves to specify the anatomical and physiological status of your nose. Throughout this examination we will find out whether or not you have nasal deviations or polyps, whether there are evidences of allergy or chronic sinusitis, and whether there are evidences of old fractures. Afterwards, the type of your nose will be specified through examination of the nasal skin, cartilage-bone skeleton and any apparent defects will be determined. You will be fully consulted about the measures you need to take for each condition as well as any limitations.

Consultation result

You will become a candidate for surgery if satisfactory results are expected ahead and your own expectations are consistent with those results.