You may become a candidate for chin implant surgery if your chin jut is low and pulled back from profile view. In the counseling session, the maxillary and mandibular status and the positions of upper and lower rows of teeth will be examined. You will become a candidate for chin implant surgery if you only need chin augmentation. In this surgery, we will be applying permanent solid prosthesis for chin augmentation. To do this, no gel, whether temporary or permanent, will be involved. There are two techniques for prosthesis insertion, one of which through the mouth and the other through the skin on the chin. Although intra-oral technique will not involve any incision in the skin, it more likely leads to wound infections, prosthesis and fistula formation in the presence of oral bacteria due to the incision spot inside the mouth. We often advise our patients to apply the percutaneous procedure, having the incision through the skin on the chin. In this procedure, the incision scar is small and almost invisible underneath the chin, which will fade away in most cases. Chin implant surgery can be performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty.